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Mothers' Memorial Park Toowoomba

Today my husband and I took our youngest daughter to her first Anzac Day parade. I remember attending Anzac Day parades as a child. My father always played the bugle call at the Anzac Day services. Dad played the bugle call on Anzac Day for the first time in 1946 in Tenterfield, NSW, when he was just 14 years old. He is now 86 years old and still playing the bugle call on Anzac Day.

The Anzac Day parade ends at the Mothers’ Memorial Park and is followed by the Anzac Day Service. The Mothers’ Memorial Park houses more than a dozen memorials commemorating Australian service men and woman. At the center of the park stands The Mothers’ Memorial, constructed from trachyte, originally erected in 1922 on the corner of Margaret and Ruthven Streets and relocated to the Mothers’ Memorial Park in 1985. This memorial was commissioned by local woman to honour their fallen sons from World War I. It was funded from the sale of sweet violets (now Toowoomba’s floral emblem). On the Margaret Street side of the park is the Boer War memorial gate, constructed from bricks reserved from the old Toowoomba Gaol. At the southern end of the garden a row of Gallipoli Pines, cultivated from Lone Pine, Gallipoli, was planted on Anzac Day 1987. They serve as a back drop to a lone soldier sculptured from granite commemorating 25 RQR.

Are you are looking for something to do this weekend in Toowoomba?

Check out the “Da Vinci Machines Exhibition at the Cobb & Co. Museum or “Romeo and Juliet – Three Ways”, Arts Worx, USQ. If you’re a keen gardener, don’t miss the Autumn Rose Show, at Newtown Park.

If you’re planning a trip to Toowoomba and looking for somewhere to stay, check out the beautiful Bannockburn Lodge and Cottage opposite The Mothers’ Memorial Park. Gorgeous, comfortable and very close to the center of town.

If you are interested in the best bits of Toowoomba, I have some great stories and fun facts coming up in the next few weeks. Don’t forget to book a tour of “The Legal Precinct”.