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Toowoomba in the 80's

We all held our breath as Dad drove the Falcon XW Station Wagon up the ramp to the Target car park. We thought he was the best driver......EVER.

Teenage life in the eighties seemed a lot less taxing then it does these days. At least that’s how I remember it. Our parents didn’t know what assignments were due the next day and if someone asked Dad how old I was he’d have to do the math. The kids of the hippies were greenies and Kylie and Scott satisfied our thirst for teenage drama.

On a Saturday night Mum and Dad might be persuaded to take the family to Pizza Hut in Margaret Street between Coles New World and the old Myer building. After pizza and a glass of Fanta, you’d rush home to watch Hey Hey It’s Saturday with Daryl Somers and Dickie Knee. During the Christmas holidays there was a family day at Willow Springs Adventure Park, rocketing down the waterslides and paddling around in giant swans. The following few days were spent in front of the television nursing a sunburn.

When the Cockroaches performed at the Toowoomba Royal Show the girls went wild. Stone washed denim, giant shoulder pads, teased hair, vibrant make-up, large earrings and one of the boys from the band was bound to notice you.

By the end of the eighties I was old enough to hit the town. Rumours and The Power House were the place to go. Mullet cuts, rum and Coke and West Coast Coolers were flowing freely in the smoke-filled clubs. Cinema Toowoomba in Russell Street had all the best movies and Skate Haven in Ruthven Street was a great place to catch up with friends. Jimmy Barnes and Johnny Farnham were at the top of the Australian music charts and we were devastated when ABC aired the final episode of Countdown.

Clive Berghofer was the Mayor and Toowoomba was coming of age. Clifford Gardens brought many new retail outlets to Toowoomba including Venture and Franklins. Bell Street became a mall, Toowoomba TAFE College opened a state-of-the-art facility in Bridge Street and the D.D.I.A.E. was transitioning to a university.

Those were the days.