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Picnic Point and the Rocket Ship.

Toowoomba has over 150 parks and the Toowoomba Regional Council gardeners’ preparations for the Carnival of Flowers are well underway.

The history of Picnic Point begins way back in about 1888 when the citizens of Toowoomba petitioned the Minister of Lands for 2000 acres of range and escarpment lands to be set aside for the enjoyment of the people of Toowoomba and district.

Picnic Point sits 2300 feet above sea level and in Toowoomba’s early days, much of the land was used as a quarry. Over the past century the councils of Toowoomba and many volunteer organisations have made the park what it is today with the addition of the waterfall, bush walks, lookouts, kiosk/café, BBQ areas, playgrounds and open parkland.

Iconic features of the park include the Water Tower, the flag, Puppy and of course the Lion’s Park. The Lion’s Park was established in 1967. Original features of this retro park include the octopus, a blue sculpture and the rocket ship reigniting many childhood memories. On a Sunday afternoon, volunteers from West Toowoomba Lion’s Club give up their time to give children rides on Happy Harry the train.

The rocket ship could once be accessed, and children enjoyed climbing the ladder to the platform inside the rocket ship. For many years now it has been closed for safety reasons. It is currently missing from the park as The Toowoomba Regional Council have taken it away for refurbishment and we are just a few weeks away from seeing it’s return with a whole new look, access and a slide. I'm pretty excited to see a whole new generation playing on the rocket ship.